Sister Soljress

Sister Soljress

Director, Choreographer, Co-Creator

Sister Soljress started her journey of Bellydance in Humboldt County, Arcata CA, in 2001.  Her first teacher and inspiration was Denise Blase (formerly of Fat Chance Belly Dance and Urban Tribal).  She then discovered the unique and unpressed style of Jaya Krupp where she danced with the troupe Astarte.  In 2004 she moved up the Redwood Coast to Crescent City where she studied and taught as well as founded the Tribal Improv Dance Company-Tribal Waters.

In 2010 Sister Soljress relocated  to the artists mecca of Portland OR. where she saught a need and deep desire to create a new form of dance fusing her long love of Roots Rock Reggae to Bellydance. In finding 2 other like minded dancers the collaboration of Gypsy Roots was founded.  Sister Soljress is also a core member of  Apsara, another well known Portland dance company,  directed by Nagasita. Sister Soljress has had many different teachers and inspirations including, Rachel Brice, Mira Betz, Amy Sigil, Kami Liddle, Ruby Beh, Nagasita, Mardi Love,  Zoe Jakes, Jim Boz, Tempest, Marjhani, Aubre HIll.

Sister Soljress seeks Unity, Love, Overstanding and Compassion for all. Empowering women through movement, Her mission- For us all to see the beauty that lay inside and let it shine for the world to see.

Healthy Mind, Body and Soul.

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